INFOrmation & RULES


19 MARCH 2017, 18:30



AED 250;-

(Registration ends at 19:00 Saturday 18 March. No entries will be accepted after this time.)


All fully registered (entry fee paid) competitors will be entitled to 20% discount on tunnel time in the week leading up to the competition. Full terms & conditions of this offer will be listed soon. 


1st Place:

  • 30% off voucher on tunnel time at Inflight Dubai (up to 1 hour, re-sellable)
  • Inflight Dubai Hoodie
  • Casio G-Shock watch
  • Month's membership to the Warehouse Gym
  • 60% off voucher for a Firnas Fly suit

2nd Place:

  • 30% off voucher on tunnel time at Inflight Dubai (up to 30 minutes, re-sellable)
  • Inflight Dubai Hoodie
  • 40% off voucher on a Firnas Fly suit

3rd Place

  • 30% off voucher on tunnel time at Inflight Dubai (up to 15 minutes, re-sellable)
  • Inflight Dubai Hoodie
  • 20% off voucher on a Firnas Fly suit



Participants must be able to safely enter and exit the tunnel with minimal assistance and be able to fly on their belly in groups of four. At the discretion of our instructors, any individual who represents a safety concern to themselves or their fellow flyers will forfeit their competition place and entry fee.

Competitors under the age of 18 may enter  by having the proven FS skills required and the ability to fly safely at “adult” wind speeds.

Team structure

Formation skydiving teams will be drawn on the evening of the event. Prior to this, competitors will be separated  into different skill categories by the Inflight Dubai organizers in order to represent a spread of ability and experience.

Competition structure

There will be a non-scoring warm-up round and then five scoring rounds given to the competitors after each round.

Scoring time in each round will be 45 seconds, beginning when the first formation (Random M – Star) is broken.

The five scores of each round will be added together to determine the final placing’s.

The judges will be trained members of the Inflight Dubai staff .

No team protests will be allowed.


All 16 random’s plus blocks 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 19 and 21 from the IPC dive pool. Videos available below.

Four or five formations per round, repeated as many times as possible.